Providing Quality Footwear to Those Most in Need.

*** We’re currently collecting shoes to host an event in the near future, when the date is set, we will update it here. Stay Tuned ***

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About ShuGuy Ministries

Hey, I’m Will Chambers and I’m the founder of ShuGuy Ministries. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit the ShuGuy website.

ShuGuy Ministries has a very simple mandate, to provide quality new or gently used shoes to homeless people living on Vancouver Island. Our goal is to partner with local homeless advocacy groups in order to most effectively distribute shoes to the most vulnerable in our society. We don’t consider ourselves experts on homelessness, just a group of people who see a need and are trying to make a difference where we live.

Why new or gently used shoes? Simple, we believe that new shoes are the most practical for those people who spend most of their days on their feet. In addition to that, no one wants to wear someone else’s stinky old runners! So quality, new or gently used footwear is preferred. Our goal is to provide new hiker style shoes/boots to anyone who needs a pair!

ShuGuy Ministries is a registered charity with Revenue Canada and as such is able to provide donation receipts. We keep our administration costs to an absolute minimum in order to provide as many shoes as possible. 

Some of the organizations we have partnered with on various outreach projects: The Mustard Seed, Oceanside Homelessness, Mana Homeless Society, Front Runners, and the Salvation Army in both Oceanside and Nanaimo. 

ShuGuy Ministries has a very simple mandate, to provide quality footwear to those most in need on Vancouver Island. That’s it.

Over the past few years there have been a couple of sustained initiatives in the Oceanside area committed to helping those who have come into hard times. Now there is a further initiative, Shuguy Ministries. It is a simple yet significant initiative – providing new shoes for those requiring good, quality footwear.

This initiative is rooted in compassion, driven by passion, and led with integrity.

Dr. Paul Hawkes

Lead Pastor, Parksville Fellowship Baptist Church

It has been my privilege to be involved with mission work the last number of years through the Parksville Baptist Church as Chairman of the Mission Committee. This has given opportunity to direct and support ministries both locally and around the globe.

It has also provided insights into the passionate, giving hearts of many in this community including Will Chambers. A desperate need was seen to provide essential clothing items for the less fortunate all around us that are either not noticed or ignored.

Shoes are one of the essentials for warmth, protection and dignity as these people try to integrate back into the community. This presents an opportunity to look after these needs with the compassion of a giving community and those who will direct it to the real need on our streets. This is a clear opportunity to make a difference and change lives.

Steve Dempster

Missions Chair, Parksville Fellowship Baptist Church

Hi, My name is Tyler Vanderputten and I’m the chairman of the board at ShuGuy Ministries. I believe that every one of us has the right to dignity, and that providing appropriate footwear to our less fortunate is one way to meet a very real need in our community.

I am excited to be a part of ShuGuy Ministries as we simply put new shoes on homeless people. I would invite you to join us!

Tyler Vanderputten, BSc MBA

President, ShuGuy Ministries

When Will explained the vision of helping the less fortunate and homeless on Vancouver island by providing them with new shoes that suit their lifestyles, I was immediately convinced this is a real good thing to be involved with.

Being a resident of Vancouver Island myself, and seeing the need up close and personal, I am happy to have gotten involved and am impressed with the group Will has assembled to help him carry out the single goal of providing new shoes to the homeless. Love it.

Jackson Middleton

Small Business Owner, KiltedMedia

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Donate Shoes

We would love to accept your gift of new shoes and facilitate the donation to someone in need. We are looking for hiker style shoes, for men, women and children in all sizes. By having a variety of sizes on hand, when we setup a pop-up distribution centre, we can be assured to provide shoes to the most people as possible.

If You aren’t sure about what type of shoe would be the best, feel free to contact us anytime, we like talking with people!

Donate Time

Our goal is to meet the needs of the homeless by regularly setting up pop-up donation centres (in conjunction with other homeless advocacy agencies) in order to provide shoes.

If you would like to join the team and help to distribute shoes, we would love to have your support. Consider coming with a few friends, a spouse or your children. Volunteering with ShuGuy Ministries is a great way to serve your local community!

Donate Money

If you would like to support shuGuy Ministries but you would rather donate money so we can go out and purchase the necessary shoes, we will happily accept your support. Please use the donations form below and once your donation has been processed we will email you a tax receipt.

Please note that receipts will be issued for donations greater than $20. Thanks for your support.

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We really appreciate your generous support. These numbers are up to date as of November 2018.

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